What an Amazing Summer Playing for you
Here's to a great autumn

The Holding Co, Ocean Beach CA

A positive scene in a time that makes no sense

Show Schedule

Scrap Yard Aces live
  • Tues, Sept 19
    Reggae Tuesdaze @ the Holding Co.
    5046 Newport Ave, Ocean Beach
  • Sat, Sept 30 
    DiPiazza's with Tropidelic 
    5502 Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach


When times get heavy, dance & feed the light.

Scrap Yard Aces Recording @ Hughes Drive Studios

Best way to kick off 2017?

We've been playing mad scientist at Hughes Drive Studios with Shawn Taylor of Simpkin Project on controls recording our new album.

Everyone's feeling pumped about the way it's going, and we're psyched to have some killer shows booked this Spring.

Partying in the scrap yard

Daren recording the bass tracks
Kona digging the Aces sound
Randy laying down the law with the drum tracks



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